We are experiencing some pressure-related problems with our fuel system which creates the appearance with some fuel sales that customers are being charged for more fuel than what was dispensed. We confidently assure you that you are NOT being overcharged!

THE PROBLEM: There are two meters that measure the dispensing of fuel. One meter is visible to the customer on the face of the pump and the other is an electronic meter contained within the fuel system and not visible to the customer. Normally, these meters are in agreement with each other, but due to a pressure problem AFTER the pump system is turned off, the visual mechanical meter will go backwards.

THE EXPLANATION:  The fuel system runs on a pressurized system. When in operation, although rough-sounding and loud at times, the measurement of the fuel dispensed is completely accurate and the customer is properly charged for the actual amount that was dispensed through the nozzle. The problem is that most customers will not take note of the amount dispensed prior to shut down, and once shut down, the visual mechanical meter will rotate backwards. And when the customer recoils the fuel line back into the cabinet, the meter will again rotate backwards - all giving the appearance that you got less fuel than what you actually did and what you were charged for!

Certified fuel technicians have inspected the system and although there is admittedly a pressure loss in the fuel line after the system is shut off, they assured us that customers are NOT being cheated. Although we are confident customers are getting what they pay for, we find this situation unnerving and unacceptable and are taking steps to have the situation properly corrected or the fuel system replaced altogether.

While we address this issue, we ask our customers to have faith in us and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you!

If you wish to discuss this issue further, please call (207) 512-5552 or email airport@bethelmaine.org

Visa and MasterCard only

STEP 1:    Attach grounding cable to appropriate location on aircraft
STEP 2:    Press ENTER on pedestal to confirm aircraft is properly grounded
STEP 3:    Swipe credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only)
STEP 4:    Enter maximum quantity of gallons wanted (see FAQ's below)
STEP 5:    Enter your billing zip code (Canadian customers, enter 5 zeros)
STEP 6:    Retract fuel line
STEP 7:    After pump starts briefly and then stops, reset meter to zero
STEP 8:    Press BLACK button above meter to start pump and dispense fuel
STEP 9:    After dispensing fuel, take note of quantity on meter
STEP 10:    Press RED button to turn off pump
STEP 11:    Press button next to fuel line to retract fuel line
STEP 12:    Recoil grounding cable
STEP 13:    Close cabinet
STEP 14:    Retrieve receipt from pedestal and close fabric cover 


Q:    Why is the pump so loud and sometimes act like it's running out of fuel?
A:    Our fuel system is nearing the end of it's life and is presently experiencing a pressure problem, thus the loud noise and the appearance sometimes that it's running low or out of fuel. Rest assured that these problems are "cosmetic" and do NOT affect the accuracy of the metering system. Often while pumping, the pressure will stabilize and the cosmetic issues will subside.

Q:    My receipt says $100.86 for 24.6 gallons but my bank account says I was charged $164.00! Why was I overcharged?
A:    You were NOT overcharged. If you look carefully on your account (online), you will notice a temporary"pre-authorization hold" for $164.00. If you check back usually within 24 or 48 hours, that temporary hold will disappear and be replaced with the actual amount of $100.86. Like many other unattended systems and some businesses like motels and car rental companies, merchants will first check to see if funds are available prior to completing the sale. This is called a "pre-authorization hold". When you run your card at our fuel system, the pedestal asks for "maximum gallons". Whatever you enter here, a temporary hold will be put on the cost of that maximum amount of fuel. Once the sale is completed and the actual amount is sent to the merchant processing center, the bank will remove the pre-authorization hold amount and replace it with the actual amount of the sale. For more information about pre-authorization holds, please contact you credit card provider or bank as this is a function of theirs and not of the airport.

Q:    Can I get a pass to drive to the fuel farm with my vehicle to purchase fuel in a container?
A:    Absolutely! Simply click on the GATE ACCESS tab above to apply for free access to the fuel farm gate.