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Airport Documents

MASTER PLAN UPDATE - The Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU) completed by AMEC in 2012.  It includes discussion of the existing facility, as well as justifications and analysis for future development at the airport based on anticipated growth throughout a 20 year planning period.

ULTIMATE AIRPORT LAYOUT PLAN - The Ultimate Airport Layout Plan (ALP) is a drawing of the airport that shows the preferred alternative developed in the AMPU.  All future projects that the town wants to include in its CIP for the airport MUST be shown on the ALP in order to be eligible.  Note: Chapter 7 of the AMPU includes the Ultimate ALP, as well as the full set of ALP drawings for noise, approach profiles, and FAR Part 77 airspace plans.

REVISION TO AIRPORT LAYOUT PLAN (TERMINAL BUILDING) - A revision to the ALP for the terminal area that was prepared by Stantec that relocated the Terminal building and entrance road to the south side of the aircraft parking apron.  This drawing would be the most helpful in showing to prospective hangar builders what is available for development.

ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITS - A drawing that was prepared as part of the environmental permits for the terminal building project.  Two conventional hangars were included in the permit design to the east of the terminal and could be constructed without additional Site Location of Development permits.  The remaining hangars shown on the ALP would all need to be permitted prior to construction.

INSTRUMENT APPROACH FEASIBILITY STUDY - A copy of the Feasibility Study for developing an Instrument Approach at the airport.

AIRPORT PROPERTY AND EASEMENTS - A copy of the Exhibit ‘A’ which documents all land controlled by the airport, including easements, and lists the book and page of the deeds for each parcel and when it was acquired by the airport.