Gate Access

On May 5, 2009, the Airport Authority enacted the Airside Vehicle Access Policy which restricts vehicle access to the ramp, taxiways and runway at the airport. In Spring 2014, various airport layout construction improvements were made, including re-design of the fence line and addition of access gates. Formerly, all visitors were required to enter airport property through a locked, automated gate. The code for that gate was universal and published. Vehicle access to the airside of the field was restricted to pass holders on the honor system only.

In the interests of safety and security, the fence line and gate control systems were re-designed. Now, visitors may access airport property at the new entrance without the need to enter any gates. Gates are now aligned with the airside areas only and require a unique PIN number, proximity card or remote control to open. Beginning in June 16, 2014, only those persons who have applied for and successfully completed the required brief training will be granted gate access to permit vehicle entry onto the airside of the field - including the hangar access road.

If you wish to be considered for vehicle access privileges to the airside of the airport (all areas inside the access gates - such as apron, hangars, taxiways, runway), take the training to the right and then submit your application online. You will be automatically taken to the online quiz. Once successfully completed, you will be issued a gate PIN number for the gates.

FUEL CUSTOMERS and LONG-TERM PARKING CUSTOMERS: You will need to complete an application for a PIN, but you will not be asked to take any training or compete any quiz. Press the application button below to proceed.

FOR ANYONE REQUESTING GATE ACCESS TO ANY OF THESE AREAS: HANGARS, HANGAR SERVICE ROAD, APRON, TAXIWAYS OR RUNWAY, please complete the training program (PowerPoint presentation) on the right of this screen before proceeding.

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If you are requesting vehicle access to hangars, ramps, apron, runway or taxiways, 
take the training on the right BEFORE pressing this button. Fuel customers and long-term parking customers only, you may proceed to the application without taking the training.

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