Conference Room Request

The conference room is available to the public for use by request. Currently, the room features an 8-foot conference table with 6 chairs around the table and an additional 6 chairs along the wall, a high-definition LCD TV, wireless Internet access, and a dry-erase board on an easel. An extra long HDMI cable is also available to plug into your computer for display onto the TV.

A multi-media projector may be available for use upon request in advance.

The lobby has snacks with a wide selection of cold beverages . There is also hot coffee (regular and decaf) ,Tea, and hot chocolate available for sale in the kitchen area. Prices are posted. This is an HONOR system and we ask that you please support us to keep it going.

The building is open 24/7 and is equipped with a live/recorded video surveillance system. There is an ADA-compliant bathroom in the building.

Users of the conference room are required to clean up after themselves and are responsible for any damages or will be invoiced a $50 cleaning fee plus the cost of any damages. Cleaning supplies are located in the janitor's closet next to the bathroom.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

1. The Bethel Regional Airport (hereinafter "the Airport") offers access to the Conference Room to members of the public on a first-come, first-serve basis by utilizing the online/self-serve registration system.

2. Users of the Conference Room acknowledge and agree that the intended use of the conference room is primarily for aviation-related activities, and when not in use for such activities, it is made available to the public for Non Profit  groups only. No money may be charged to participate.

3. USERS ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO PAY THE AIRPORT A $50.00 CLEANING FEE PLUS THE COSTS FOR ANY DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE CONFERENCE ROOM IF THE ROOM IS LEFT UNCLEAN, UNTIDY OR DAMAGED. Users are encouraged to clean up after themselves and are invited to use the vacuum and cleaner and cleaning supplies in the Janitor Closet to avoid being invoiced these fees.

4. User agrees to cancel their reservation online with as much advance notice as possible if the room is not needed, to allow others the opportunity to use the room.



6. Users agree to supply accurate contact information for the responsible party when making a Conference Room reservation.

7. Users acknowledge and agree that their reservation does NOT restrict use of the facility by other members of the public for other activities, and agree to not impede any aviation-related activity.

8. Users acknowledge and agree that this reservation system only applies to the Conference Room, and no reservation may be made for any other use of the Airport facility.

9. Airport Management reserves the right to limit, restrict or cancel any or all reservation or activity at the Conference Room at any time and for any reason.